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Business Information
Business Name: Ad Production PH
Profession: Video Marketing Specialist
Location: Manila
Years in Business: 8 years

Personal Information
Spouse: Still single
Children: none
Hobbies: Cinematography & Photography
Activities of Interest: Marketing
City Residence: Manila

My burning desire is to: Have a solid creative team fully employed for my production company.
Something no one knows about me: My business is an One Person Corporation (OPC).


My goal for the year is to help 20 businesses achieve their sales and marketing objectives. That will also give me the results I need to achieve my 1M sales goal this year.

TrendStatic Corporation – I am the chief marketing officer of TrendStatic Corporation. I developed a system to speed up the closing rate and buying decision of our generated leads.

Al-Khor Townhomes San Juan – I managed to produce different types of videos for social media, and 3D animation walkthrough.
3 months after full-blast, 12 units out of 27 sold amounting 13-18M.

As a director, I’m really passionate about creating narrative videos, whether for corporate or short film. Since 2013, I started my own business. So nasabak na din talaga sa marketplace every since.
The reason why I’m in the marketing industry, because I’m eager to know what works and what’s not.
That there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to marketing. That’s why my work ethics is a result-oriented approach to any given work
that I do.

Istoryang Kabuhayan – It is a PR platform where business owners have the opportunity to spread their brand message, news, upcoming events, and promotion.

RTN Holding Company – A fund/investment managing company who connect companies and investors.

Church Community (The Market Project) –
Victory Church community in Victory Greenhills

Marketing, Project Management, Directing, Producing, Cinematography. 3d Animation walkthrough for real estate, Video Editing, Color Grading


  1. Real Estate Developers
  2. Contractor
  3. Accounting Firm
  4. Stocks Trading Online Course
  5. Investors
  6. Holding Company
  7. Dentist

Signals for potential client:
1. Any business who love what they do and gives value to people.
2. Established businesses probably 2 years above in operation.

3. Who are looking for sales automation.
4. Who advertise on social media.
5. Have sales team that needs video presentation material for client presentation purposes.
6. Any business who currently doing online meeting, networking events, video conference, business meeting.

Every business should have an online presence nowadays. Video can work with you 24/7, speed up your sales process, and increase the closing rate of your sales. It can save you time of repeating your message over and over again during your business presentation. It will help your customers know you quicker and better! It will help you communicate your business advocacy (your WHY) in the marketplace.

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